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陸開盛醫師2008最新矯正課程介紹 2008-01-03

2008最新矯正技術發表 NEW


實際收益大大提升 + 時間成本大幅降低!




Section I            唇側自鎖式矯正器秘密大公開


n Fundamental Understanding of Self-Ligating Bracket:

n How does it work? Passive or Active

n What is the meaning of “Torque in Contemporary Orthodontic Treatment”

n Clinical skill in using Carriere Bracket

n Case presentation


Break                  Coffee Break


Section II            隱藏式矯正器的年代 - 舌側自鎖式矯正器介紹


n The Age of Invisible Orthodontics:

    Introduction of the first Lingual Self-Ligating Bracket


l   Simple to bond with precise index

l   Good torque control

l   Shortened chair time with less appointments & no ligature ties


n 介紹最新臨床矯正裝置

    Introduction the New Device for Clinical Use:


l   新一代固定方式功能矯正器

     Fixed functional appliance: Flex Developer

l   突破傳統的空間關閉方式

     Efficient space closure weapon: Hycon Device

       Micro Distance Intermittent Heavy Force

l   創造空間的利器

     Molar distalizating device: Distal Glide






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